Wednesday, April 2, 2008

hay ther sexy ur hott... and other goings on

1. So, am I really that slow for just starting to be extraordinarily annoyed by idiot boys on MySpace?


Guys (that still have a MySpace) - do you get ridiculous messages from girls you never met, in your area no less, that are a) crass, b) illiterate, and/or c) just annoying?

Some samples of the recent messages I've gotten:

"hey whats up girl damn u sexy how would u like to hookup sometime have some fun maybe i can make u feel better"

"Just wanna chat, from pittsburgh, but you probably don't, cause a lot of people don't give a shit, but wehatever. If you do give me a chat."

"you look nice would you like to chat sometime" - (this one's just funny cause this kid truly looks like he's about 12)

Ok - enough is enough. So what's the deal with this? The first one can't spell, and he's obviously pretty narcissistic. What happened to the old "Hi, my name's X, I looked at your profile and we seem to have a lot in common. I'd really like to talk to you some more, so my screen name is abc1234." It doesn't even have to be that cheesy. But you don't have to be some self centered or self deprecating (see example 2) person.

And I have absolutely no place to talk about hitting on/flirting with/dating people out of your age range. But you better believe that no one in their right mind is gonna start chatting up somebody that looks/acts 8 years younger on the Internet. Have these people not watched "To Catch a Predator"? Most people aren't trying to get arrested.

Now, this isn't really a ploy to get "more hits" or more "MySpace Friends" but if you feel so inclined, my URL is and I, for one, don't really think I'm really saying "Hey - If you can't spell, have no taste, and think your shit doesn't stink, message me and let's talk" on that site. Granted, a picture is worth a thousand words, and I have the same picture there that I do here, but it isn't overly "hott."

2. Well, I got my MRI today. And I've reaffirmed the belief that doctors WILL schedule unnecessary appointments just to get money from you and your insurance company.

For example.....

Receptionist: Dr. Smith's office, are you calling to schedule an appointment?
Me: Actually, I was wondering if the doctor could send a prescription to (local hospital) for me to get an MRI of my knee prior to scheduling.
R: Miss, the doctor will have to see you in order to determine if that will be necessary.
M: M'am, the ER doctor told me that I probably tore something, and the x-ray I have, won't show that, so can I get the MRI prior to my appointment in order to save us all some time and money?
R: So you'd like to schedule?
.... pulling my hair out at this point.

The next day at my doctor's appointment....
Dr.: Hi Sarah, nice to meet you I'm Dr. Smith. So I see you're having some problems with your knee. (Normal office visit ensues, bend knee, push knee, prod knee) Well Sarah, I can't see any damage on your x-ray, and I'm not really sure what the issue is yet so I'm going to send you for an MRI and have you come back when you've completed that, ok?
.... I'm going to be bald if this continues much longer.

So why, pray tell, did I have to go in at 7:45 AM for them to do nothing but tell me I need to get an MRI before they could do anything? Oh yeah, did I mention it's $30 every time I pass through their door?

Ok. I'm done.

3. I love John McClane. You may have heard of him - he's the guy from the Die Hard series, also known as Bruce Willis, with a bunch of great one liners. I rented Live Free or Die Hard (if you haven't seen this, go out and BUY IT. I love this movie.) this weekend and decided to catch up on the whole series.

Yippie kiy yay, motherfuckers.


ps. I love that my spell check realizes that "motherfuckers" is spelled correctly. That just cracks me up.


hellohahanarf said...

yippie kiy yay, indeed! LOVE the new die hard. love bruce willis.

love all around, people!