Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Attack of PAT!


I've come to the conclusion that I HATE Port Authority.

I got off the bus today and did what I normally do. I walked to the front of the bus - the crosswalk, with the BIG STATE LAW YIELD TO PEDESTRIAN sign. Normally - as in every other day of the fucking year - people stop for pedestrians. So when the bus was pulling up to it, the started to brake, I figured it was cool to step out. Yeah - till it didn't stop. So now I'm forced to either keep going an hope that the people in the next two lanes will stop - which they normally do. Not today. I felt like fricken Frogger. Not to mention that, while I get around pretty ok, I'm still not in a sprinting state due to the bad knee.

So later - I went out to smoke and chat with the friends from the cafeteria. All was well until an attempt to cross - with everyone else, mind you - was thwarted by another PAT!!! Yeah, nearly mowed down twice in one day.


On the other side of the I hate PAT -

I take a very popular bus home. There are 4 busses that take this same route for the most part - each branching off of it at some distant part. So I should be able to take any of those 4, right.


On most days, I can take ONE.

Bus A does not stop outbound on my way out of town, or inbound on my way into town. If it does stop to drop someone off on my out bound journey or while I'm waiting to get inbound. It will not pick me up. Even if telling me this actually takes longer than just letting me on - I have a bus pass.

Bus B will occasionally take me in and out. It only runs about 4 times a day anymore though.

Bus C is the bus I take. We'll get more into C later.

Bus D is my personal pet peeve. This bus used to take me home or to work. But - the ritzy folks who live after the bus branches off decided that they didn't like to stand for 10 minutes (~20-30% of their ride) so they complained to PAT. And PAT said "OK, we won't let them ride your bus anymore!" So now - on a daily basis 2-3 Bus Bs and Cs will pass me up, full to the brim. And at least one Bus D will pass me up. Stark empty. Do you see a problem with this picture?

I sure as hell do.