Friday, April 4, 2008

My Computer Needs a Breathalizer.

I don't drink much. So when I have two glasses of wine and a cosmo, I'm pretty tipsy for a few hours. I don't get hung over, but I get giggly around other people. It's all good then. But then, they send me back to my hotel room in a nice little itty bitty town where my cell doesn't work, and I forgot my debit card, so the room was on my co-workers card for incidentals (it was a business trip, the rooms were all direct billed). Basically - I was by myself with no way to talk to anyone. And a computer. With an internet connection.

Drunk emailing. Not even drunk. Just tipsy and lonely. For no particular reaon.
So what do I do? Try to pull it back? Send a retraction so to speak? Or just let it (er, hope it) dies?



Trukindog said...

You don't drink much?
Are you sure your related to Hellohahanarf? :-)

Hey thanks for recommending Pyzam, Heart of Fire sent me there a couple weeks ago but for some reason all I could find then was stuff for old blogger "Pre 10/06".

When you suggested it I decided to try it again, this time with the XML info you gave me I found a great layout.
Thanks a load and drop by for a look.

hello haha narf said...

i drunk blog and email all the time, but i usually put hte disclaimer on the message somewhere. something like "beware, drunk girl typing" or something.

and what do you mean you don't drink often? you do it often enough and don't do it more only because you are thisclose to doing it legally & don't wanna do anything stupid.