Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wow. I've been lame and haven't posted in forever.


1. I have got to finish my phsyical therapy. I'm now officially too heavy to take part in a SKIN study. Geez. They wanna make sure I don't show allergies to makeups and stuff. But I'm too fat for that.

2. PAT continues to try to take out a hit on me. Yesterday my bus driver tried not once, but twice, to throw me off my feet on my way home.

3. I FINALLY GET PAID TOMORROW!!! and I swear I'll pay all my bills. Really. Repeat after me - I will not buy [insert product here - shoes, makeup, clothes, gadgets, etc.] Repeat 3x.

4. I'm watching the skies darken to a beautiful thunderstorm. And I can't wait. I love to watch thunderstorms.

5. Scrubs makes me want to be a doctor. Those guys just have so much frickin' fun.

6. Well, Obama lost PA. I knew that was gonna happen, but I voted anyhow.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

No post for you...

... because I think my migraine may kill me.

Kansas piano chick will have to suffice.

Or you can join me by having this song stuck in your head for the rest of your life.

Damn you Scrubs.

This is great...

Watch this video. Looks cheezy, I know. Just wait. It's great.

And since my copy and paste isn't working, you'll have to go here...

Back in a bit.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


First off - does anyone know what the i in front of every single Apple product stands for?

Secondly, since I am about to crash my lovely Dell laptop while updating my iPod, I thought I'd refer you to 2 of my FAVORITE blogs. is the best thing since sliced bread. PittGirl has a great view on the city I call home. Check her out. is just fun. This is usually how I pass my free time. They've got great blogs.. Just flippin' wonderful.

So, I leave you with that. I'm off to get more muzak.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Attack of PAT!


I've come to the conclusion that I HATE Port Authority.

I got off the bus today and did what I normally do. I walked to the front of the bus - the crosswalk, with the BIG STATE LAW YIELD TO PEDESTRIAN sign. Normally - as in every other day of the fucking year - people stop for pedestrians. So when the bus was pulling up to it, the started to brake, I figured it was cool to step out. Yeah - till it didn't stop. So now I'm forced to either keep going an hope that the people in the next two lanes will stop - which they normally do. Not today. I felt like fricken Frogger. Not to mention that, while I get around pretty ok, I'm still not in a sprinting state due to the bad knee.

So later - I went out to smoke and chat with the friends from the cafeteria. All was well until an attempt to cross - with everyone else, mind you - was thwarted by another PAT!!! Yeah, nearly mowed down twice in one day.


On the other side of the I hate PAT -

I take a very popular bus home. There are 4 busses that take this same route for the most part - each branching off of it at some distant part. So I should be able to take any of those 4, right.


On most days, I can take ONE.

Bus A does not stop outbound on my way out of town, or inbound on my way into town. If it does stop to drop someone off on my out bound journey or while I'm waiting to get inbound. It will not pick me up. Even if telling me this actually takes longer than just letting me on - I have a bus pass.

Bus B will occasionally take me in and out. It only runs about 4 times a day anymore though.

Bus C is the bus I take. We'll get more into C later.

Bus D is my personal pet peeve. This bus used to take me home or to work. But - the ritzy folks who live after the bus branches off decided that they didn't like to stand for 10 minutes (~20-30% of their ride) so they complained to PAT. And PAT said "OK, we won't let them ride your bus anymore!" So now - on a daily basis 2-3 Bus Bs and Cs will pass me up, full to the brim. And at least one Bus D will pass me up. Stark empty. Do you see a problem with this picture?

I sure as hell do.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I think there's tofu in my chicken.

What's up with the health craze ripping the nation?

I've never before heard of a time when health food and gyms and having your own trainer was so chic. We've just opened this whole new demographic!!!

Granted, we are the fattest nation in the world, and we do need to do something about it - my self oh so very included - but why now? Why all of the sudden are we taking notice? I'm sure that things probably have gotten worse over the last 50 years (see SuperSize Me, you'll see what I'm talking about). As technology has made our world much more fast paced, we are frequenting fast foods and take outs and deliveries more and more. BUT - are we eating the same food as before? just more of it? or just getting less activity in our daily lives?

Now, anyone who knows me probably thinks I'm nuts for even thinking about this. I will just as easily walk into Wendy's as the next kid (I do avoid McD's as much as possible though - nasty.) so why is this bothering me? Well first of all - I'm presently eating some lovely chicken breast with spicy yogurt sauce over stirfried veggies and brown rice (that my WONDERFUL boss snagged - enough for 3 meals - for me from her lunch meeting today). And I thought I tasted - wait no, felt the texture of? - tofu. And it got me thinking - I work for a health insurance company. We're super health conscious - should I put it past them to sneak tofu into my chicken and rice? Or maybe it was in the stir fry... Wait! Why the hell are they putting tofu in my food!!!???? Fuck it, I'm eatin' it anyhow. And as I thought about this it made me realise that I KNOW WHAT TOFU TASTES (er, feels) LIKE!!! (do you hear the sound of hell freezing??) I of all people am actually being brought into the health age movement. All 5'7'' 208 lbs of me.

And I guess that's not a bad thing. Until you start getting depressed 'cause you can't go to the gym cause your knee's all fuck'ed up. Then it sucks.

Well, I hope it isn't just a phase. I hope it lasts long enough that smoothies aren't some food for the nuveau riche that cost $6 for a 12 oz. Poor kids like smoothies too!

Oh yeah, and way too much money on new hair and make up...

New Hair and Makeup

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Cosmos make me laugh.

Let me just say...

That I make the best fuckin' cosmo this side of anywhere.

And I swear too much.

Any blogspot is a bitch that won't let me post that I have a 100% cuss level in my blog. So children, cover your ears or eyes int his case.


Boys are stupid. I try to be nice and send a nice little email and all the sudden my lovely friend has disappeared off the face of the fucking internet.