Sunday, March 30, 2008

24 hours of, you guessed it, 24

I have to admit, I have a serious crush on Keifer Sutherland.
But despite all my love for him, I'm starting to dislike his pet project - "24."

I've spent the last couple of days on the couch because I'm not really all that coordinated and tripped over my laundry - long story. But I luckily had all of the DVDs I ordered delivered to the library earlier that same day. And they included two whole days of 24. Which I should just stop ordering, downloading - watching.

Let's see... first one I saw - I watched day 4 straight through because I had the flu.
Second, third and fourth ones (Days 2,5, and 6) I watched when I was laid up with pneumonia for 3 months.

And now this. And I still have one more to see. It's presently residing on my bookshelf.

But I'm not writing to bitch about how every time I get a season of 24, I become suddenly incapacitated. I'm writitng because outside of my love Keifer, and Mary Lynn Rajskub, who's just awesome in her own right, the acting sucks. Really. Elisha Cuthbert is just awful. Which I really don't understand, because she's not too bad in anything else I've seen her in. Beyond the acting (and maybe this is just cause I'm watching 24 episodes in one day) the plot lines are just disgusting. I mean seriously - by the time the season is over, I can't remember how it started.

Ok I'm done with my 24 rant now.


hello haha narf said...

cool background! welcome to your new home!!

i've never seen even 1 episode of 24. although i really wanna watch the entire first season in a day (ok, maybe 2).

hello haha narf said...

wahooooooooooo! FIRST comment evah!!!

Sarah said...

@becky - don't try to do it in one day. You'll ruin it for yourself. Like I said - it burns you out quick. The library makes their 24 rentals 21 days just for this reason. So rent one, sit back for 3 weeks and enjoy. Cause I know you like keifer too... :)